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About the Sunny Coast Resort and Spa Hotel

Welcome to The Sunny Coast Resort and Spa Hotel!

About The Sunny Coast Resort & Spa in Qawra

The Sunny Coast Resort & Spa is one of the hotels in Malta situated in the northern part of the island, almost touching the coastline with spectacular views of the picturesque bay.

The Sunny Coast Resort & Spa also happens to be one of the most popular spa hotels in Qawra, a dynamic village and magical place, brimming with beaches, rocks, shops, café’s, bars and many restaurants. Staying guests just love exploring around and walking along its first-rate promenade especially in the early evenings. Qawra can easily eat up a day without you even knowing, hence why it has now been recreated into a golden destination rather than just your average location.

The property is comfortable, spacious and welcoming; a 4 star hotel that without a doubt offers the best self-catering accommodation Malta has to offer. The hotel boasts a sizeable external pool where you can enjoy relaxing at the Lido with ample sunbed and umbrella use, as well as a heated indoor pool for the winter season. To make it easier for you to pick where to stay in Malta, the Sunny Coast hotel offers full spa & fitness facilities which include three Jacuzzis, a sauna, a massage room, a hair salon and even a squash court for every visitor to enjoy, making it one of the leading Qawra hotels around.

We have a lot of repeat guests that choose to go for Qawra holidays year in year out because they also get a kick from the wide range of available sports and leisure activities. From scuba diving at the numerous world renowned diving sites in the Maltese waters, to cycling facilities as well as nature and Malta country walks to explore more of this remarkable island. So if you are looking to book a hotel room in Qawra, this resort will be sure to deliver and exceed the expectations of any guest.

However, if you’re still un-decided on where you want to stay while visiting Malta, just get in touch and let us handle all your needs. AX hotels own two Bugibba hotels in the north so whether you are looking for a self-catering apartment or you had anything else in mind, let us make all the preparations, you just come and relax. Our staff are helpful and friendly throughout and they will be sure to meet any of your needs from the very first moment you get to the hotel.

A perfect resort that you can visit with your partner, alone or with family and friends. Get in touch with your request and our friendly staff will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible with the best information to suit your particular needs.

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