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Easter Procession

Holy Week and Easter in Malta

Irrespective of your religious faith, Holy Week and Easter in Malta are a great experience for all. Easter is a wonderful time of the year on this island and celebrations are in full swing.


Your Guide to Staying in Qawra

Located in the northern region of Malta, Qawra is a zone within St Paul’s Bay, close to Bugibba and Salina. It is a popular touristic town loaded with restaurants and resorts for tourists and locals..

Qawra Tower

Qawra Watch Tower

The Qawra tower, also known as the Fra Ben Tower is a small watchtower in Qawra, limits of St Paul’s Bay. It was constructed by the ‘Knights of Malta’ in 1638 as the fourth of..

Post-Christmas Blues

Tips to Beat the Post-Christmas Blues

The festive period is over and beating the post-Christmas blues can be hard. While the Christmas period is constantly busy and it can take a toll on you, it’s also fun, exciting and thrilling in..

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