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Family Friendly Restaurants

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Malta

Travelling with kids can be fun but no one can deny that it might sometimes cause a hassle and more than a headache or two – especially to choose the specific cuisine family-friendly restaurants for..

Malta and the Maltese Language

Live the Local Life in Malta

Malta is a popular touristic destination. Many visitors come to the island to experience the local life in Malta. If you’re interested in carrying out your holiday like a local, you’ve come to the right..


Stay on Track with this Gym in Malta

You’ve booked your holiday in Malta but you’re worried that you might sway off track from your new year’s resolution or your healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to lose focus and let loose when you’re on..

The Top Diving Places in Malta

Diving in Malta has shot up to be one of the top attractions on the island. Malta is surrounded by ever-clean sea that is ideal for exploring the deep blue environment. More and more tourists..

Mnajdra Temple

Most Notable Ancient Sites in Malta

There are various archaeological sites that are worth exploring in Malta. Although Malta is a tiny island, it is known for its history and ancient sites. In fact, three sites have been qualified for the..

Easter Procession

Holy Week and Easter in Malta

Irrespective of your religious faith, Holy Week and Easter in Malta are a great experience for all. Easter is a wonderful time of the year on this island and celebrations are in full swing.


Your Guide to Staying in Qawra

Located in the northern region of Malta, Qawra is a zone within St Paul’s Bay, close to Bugibba and Salina. It is a popular touristic town loaded with restaurants and resorts for tourists and locals..

Qawra Tower

Qawra Watch Tower

The Qawra tower, also known as the Fra Ben Tower is a small watchtower in Qawra, limits of St Paul’s Bay. It was constructed by the ‘Knights of Malta’ in 1638 as the fourth of..

Post-Christmas Blues

Tips to Beat the Post-Christmas Blues

The festive period is over and beating the post-Christmas blues can be hard. While the Christmas period is constantly busy and it can take a toll on you, it’s also fun, exciting and thrilling in..

A Celebration of Colour and Music!

Summer Carnival is classified as one of the most popular and most attended cultural activities in Malta with locals and tourists enjoying the festivities organised by the Malta Arts Council.

What to see while staying in Qawra

Malta National Aquarium Malta National Aquarium has been a top attraction for tourists and locals ever since it’s opening. Situated just 10 minutes walking distance from the Sunny Coast Resort & Spa, it climbs at..

Places to visit in Malta

What to see in Malta and places to visit in Malta? There is always activity around the Maltese Islands. What to see in Malta – Events relating to the arts, music, culture, sports, entertainment, theatre,..

bugibba promenade

What to do in Qawra

What to do in Malta in the town of Qawra? Qawra together with Bugibba are two coastal towns located in the Northern part of the island of Malta and are just a stone’s throw away..

Malta hotel and spa packages

Malta hotel and Spa Packages

Indulge in one of our spa packages and enjoy a day filled with our most popular treatments that will surely enhance your visit.  We offer multiple spa treatments, and much more. The Sunny Coast Resort..

The area of Bugibba and Bugibba Hotels

The Bugibba area and Bugibba Hotels

Bugibba, a seaside tourist resort with a buzzing nightlife and an abundance of Bugibba hotels. Bugibba is located in the North East part of Malta and being one of Malta’s largest seaside villages it also..

10 beaches in Malta get Blue Flag status

Ten beaches in Malta have been awarded the blue flag status, one more than last year’s count. They are St George’s Bay, Fond Ghadir Bay, Westin Dragonara Hotel and Spa Beach, Qawra Bay, Bugibba Beach,..

Malta being promoted for gay travel

Recent changes in Malta law have ensured more equal rights for LGBT people  – positioning Malta as a destination for gay travel.  The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) has recently embarked on a campaign in the US..

Malta Tours & Excursions

Sunday SpecialBrowse around the numerous market stalls beneath the impressive walls of the Valletta Bastions and try your skills at haggling. Then on to enjoy, an excellent buffet lunch with wine. A slow and informative..

Alarme Re-Enactment

Alarme re-enactment is a military re-enactment that portrays the historic and turbulent tenure of Malta by French troops, following Napoleon’s landing and conquest of the islands in 1798. The re-enactment gives an account of the French..

The Royal Malta Golf Club

There is always something happening in the Maltese Islands. Events relating to the world of the visual and performing arts, music, culture, sports and entertainment, Theatre performances, festivals, fairs and many other activities to suit..