Newly refreshing look for The Sunny Coast Resort and Spa

17th March 2017


Newly refreshing look for The Sunny Coast Resort and Spa

 In the recent months, the management of the Qawra hotel started to welcome its guests back with a new and refreshed look, establishing it amongst the most popular hotels in the north of Malta. Guests staying at The Sunny Coast Resort can now experience the effects of the hotel’s €350,000 budget makeover.

“Many aspects of our hotel have been upgraded, such as new technology, modern and comfortable furniture present in the rooms, stronger WiFi connections throughout the resort, improved leisure facilities and much more. All that has been done will add great value to the hotel and most importantly enhance the stay of our guests, making it a memorable one.” said Matthew Gingell Littlejohn, Operations Manager of the Sunny Coast Resort & Spa. Mr Gingell Littlejohn is truly happy with the process of Sunny Coast’s renovation project and expressed his gratefulness to all staff that contributed to it for their dedication and hard work.

The extensive refurbishment included the accomplishment of three main areas of the hotel as well as the facade, public halls, and guest rooms. The new front of the hotel has been modernised with a touch of white and grey shades. The public hall corridors are now equipped with new wood imitation flooring and the walls have been repainted in bright white colour that reflects beautifully in the sunshine.

The hotel forms part of AX Hotels portfolio and is almost touching the Qawra coastline with spectacular views of the picturesque bay.