Cycling & Storage Room Facilities

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When in Doubt, Pedal it Out

While staying at our property, you can benefit from cycling facilities in Qawra. Discover unforgettable landscapes that are rich in history and culture. You can cycle your way to the Roman Villa in Rabat or to the infamous picturesque Dingli Cliffs. You can even take a route around Gozo. The reception staff at the aparthotel will be happy to give you all the necessary information that you might be after.

The resort also offers a designated room in which you can store your bicycle safely at no extra charge. This room is fully equipped with the needed tools and equipment to make sure that your bicycle remains in good condition while enjoying the rest of your stay with us. Some of the equipment and bike tools include professional bike repair stand, cable cutter, cone wrenches, air pump, chain rivet tool, and more.


Opening Hours

Open every day from 09.00hrs – 21.00hrs

AX Sunny Coast Resort and Spa - Cycling