What to do on Halloween in Malta?

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Here’s what’s cooking this spooky season


A few years’ back, if you had asked a stranger on the street what they’re planning to do on Halloween, their answer would have been ‘what’s Halloween?!’ Indeed, the spooky celebration is a relatively new addition to the local calendar, which has been gaining popularity due to the prevalence of Western pop culture among youths in Malta. While older generations may have a lot of questions as to why Halloween is celebrated in Malta, young ones begin preparing their carved pumpkins, planning their costumes and sourcing scary house decorations as soon as October approaches.


Halloween takes centre stage in some towns located on the northern part of the island, although other towns are quickly catching up. If you’re in Malta this Halloween, here are some of the top things to do!


The Classic ‘Trick or Treat’

Every year, more and more keen children put on their spooky Halloween costumes and venture onto the streets for a fun ‘trick or treat’. The alluring prospect of free candy is enough to encourage young ones to participate in this activity, and residents of the towns of Swieqi and Pembroke are eager to provide! As Halloween becomes more popular, we see lines of houses getting a spooky makeover for the evening. Leading the way in Halloween celebrations is H16, which has seen a couple turning their home into an elaborate haunted house, inviting people inside while raising money for charity!

H19 Halloween

Go on a Ghost Tour

Organised by Malta Ghost Tours, the Valletta Ghost Tour and the Birgu Ghost Tour have become a staple for visitors looking for a unique way to experience two of the island’s most historic cities. The maritime city of Birgu is where the Great Siege of Malta took place in 1565, resulting in the adoption of the name ‘Citta Vittoriosa’. Rumour has it that the ghosts of the prisoners that were beheaded during the Siege still roam the city, in search of their missing heads. Built by the Knights of St John, Valletta has also seen its fair share of action throughout history. And what better time to explore the cities’ spooky history than on Halloween? The Valletta Ghost Tour will take place on the 31st of October, while the Birgu Ghost Tour will occur on 30th October and 2nd November.

Valletta Tour Halloween

Esplora Malta’s Night of Wonders

For a different kind of Halloween experience, head to the Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Kalkara, Malta. A place dedicated to cultivating a culture of scientific curiosity and imagination, Esplora’s Halloween event will let you ignite your curiosity at their ‘Science on Fire’ show. Here, you can explore the wonder of our explosive origins, take a look at how humans are made from stardust and immerse yourself among the creepy crawlies!

Esplora Halloween


Lollipop has taken the local LGBTQ+ party scene by storm since its first event, and it’s about to get even bigger! This year’s Halloween party, aptly titled ‘It’s good to be Sh-evil’, will take place at Sky Club, Paceville, on Saturday 26th October.

Lollipop Halloween

Escape the Horror!

Escape Rooms are all the rage at the moment, but imagine a Horror-themed one with a live actor! Can you escape Malta will be launching their most recent escape room – Emily’s Motel Room – on the 20th October until the end of November. Whether you opt for the standard scary version or the horror version, you’re guaranteed a spooky night out this Halloween!

Escape Room Halloween

Halloween at the Valletta Waterfront

If you’re travelling with young children, they’ll love the spooky maritime fun going on at the Valletta Waterfront. With trick or treating, spooky décor and children’s animation taking place on the 26th, 27th and 31st October from 7pm, you’re in for a treat this Halloween! All activities are weather permitting, so keep a look out for updates during your stay in Malta.

Valletta Waterfront Halloween

Popeye’s Haunted Village

Halloween for kids doesn’t get much better than at Popeye’s Haunted Village. Located in the northern town of Mellieha, which is easily accessible by bus from Qawra, Popeye’s Village will turn spooky this Halloween. Between 25th October and 5th November, children will get to taste Popeye’s special treats, explore the Dark Haunted House, meet the Monsters and join Popeye the mystic for more fun and crafts!

Popeye's Village Halloween

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Photo Credits go to H19, Malta Ghost Tours, Esplora Interactove Science Center, Lollipop, Can You Escape Malta, Valletta Waterfront, Popeye Haunted Village for Kids