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If you’re visiting Malta and you’re wondering how to plan your stay, maybe you should look out for Bugibba hotels or hotels in Qawra because when staying in this locality, you will surely have plenty to do while you are away from your hotel. Here are the top activities in Bugibba and St Paul’s Bay that we thought would be of interest if you are visiting Malta, be it for business or even leisure. The AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa in Qawra can offer you an excellently positioned accommodation to visit any of the attractions mentioned below on foot while at the same time it also guarantees a tranquil and quiet environment for your holiday.


Bugibba Square


The Bugibba square is a very popular spot with both locals and tourists alike. It directly faces the waterfront and overlooks the sea. Apart from being a very popular meeting place, a lot of people like to also sit on the benches and relax in the sun.


The Bugibba square is looked after at all times and there are plenty of litter bins around as well as a large clock in the centre of the square. Surrounding the square are numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and bars which can get very busy after dark. The area is looked after by the St Paul’s Bay council.

Bugibba Square

Salina National Park


The Salina National Park is a very popular park that had been given a facelift just a few years ago. It is an eco-friendly park that is very popular with locals as well as many tourists who visit on a daily basis. Thousands of trees and shrubs were re-planted and a new nearby car park was built. The park is open every day from 06.30-23.30.


If you are on holiday in Qawra you surely have to visit the park because it is surrounded by hills and fields making it a very peaceful setting to relax and unwind. There is a large fountain as you walk through the entrance which is surrounded by lots of benches and a nearby children’s play area, a cafeteria and public toilets. To the left of the fountain is a long gravel path with newly planted trees on either side, this path leads back to the main road after about a ten minute walk.

Salina National Park

Kennedy Grove


Kennedy Grove in Qawra is a very relaxing chill-out area that shows off a monument to J.F.Kennedy. In recent years the gardens have been given a new look with many newly planted trees and most of it newly built. The monument has not been touched.


Nowadays a lot of Maltese families visit Kennedy Grove to spend the days sitting amongst the trees on the many available wooden benches. During the week it tends to be a bit quieter however it is still popular and frequented. So if you are travelling to Malta and want to get a taste of the Maltese family life in some really peaceful surroundings, Kennedy Grove is a must visit place especially when the sun is shining.

Kennedy Grove

Watchtowers and old remains in Qawra


Watchtowers in Malta come in numbers and Qawra is no different. At the very tip of Qawra known as the ‘TA Fra Ben’ area, there is a watchtower that has been partly hidden by the restaurant built around it. However, you cannot miss it when you are walking along the picturesque promenade. You will also notice remains of another tower along the coast that has been left in its original state.


In order to strengthen the existing coastal defence system, between 1658 and 1659 a series of 13 small coastal watchtowers were built in Malta by the Order of Saint John. They were built around the coast of mainland Malta as well as another in Gozo, nine of which are still standing till today.


Each tower was positioned to have two neighbouring towers in its line of sight, so that signals could be sent from one tower to another, in order to maintain a communication link between Gozo and the Grand Harbour in Valletta. The signals consisted of smoke or cannon shots by day, or fire by night.

Watch Tower

Salt Pans


Although we would not really consider the Salt Pans to be a touristic attraction in the area, the salt pans in Salina Bay, at the entrance to Qawra, are used for producing sea salt.


Dating back to the time of the knights of the Order of St John, the man-made saltpans were abandoned and had not been used for salt production in many years. In fact, the huts built alongside by the British for salt storage had become a jumble of wood, stone and metal.


However in 2011, following approval by the planning authority’s board the saltpans at Salina were up for a new lease of life with a €7 million project for the area’s regeneration.


The shabby huts were also included in the project and it was agreed that they would be demolished and rebuilt using modern techniques. In fact, they are still clad in wooden panels, in a style respecting the original appearance of the building. Malta’s salt pans are a source of continued re-generation of salt deposits, a tradition that spans many centuries and it is still used today.

Salt Pans

Make sure to visit these top activities in Bugibba and St Paul’s Bay and book your stay at the AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa for your next visit to Malta!

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